• Welcome to Esteria.*
Home to all sorts of Possibilities.

Travellers these days have found that magic can be harnessed to make all of lifes neccessities less of a burden. LIfe has become a cake walk in the lands of Esteria. People can go to and fro from work on a driverless carriage through the work of bound magic. People can visit far away places through the use of the Arc-Cano Transit System, a train system that can carry hundreds of people to far away countries. Let’s not forget about a walking city in the desert that follows the rainy weather. The harnessing of magic may have made the Common peoples lives easier as they dwell within their cities…and may have made Esteria seem smaller…but that doesnt mean the continent is ready to play nice.

Esteria holds hundreds of secrets over the countless miles of land and water that make up the area. Vampire Lords who have manipulated the lives of dozens of kings without ever having to leave the comforts of his own home. Crime Lords who plot continuously prove that magic doesnt keep them from the Vaults and Banks that hold the dearest of peoples treasures and lets not forget there are those who hate that magic has become such a crutch to the world and wish it gone and have plotted to make kingdoms crumble when they remove the only thing that has kept them upright.

Travel across the lands and you will find your destiny.

Esteria- Across the Continent We Run!